• Education Objectives


The teaching strategies place equal emphasis on both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Students are trained to become proficient professionals in the integration of “business applications and information techniques”, as well as “state-of-the-art information system technologies”. Graduates are expected to be cultivated into outstanding professionals who possess not only the ability to quickly adapt and self-learn in order to embrace the up-to-date information system technologies, but also exhibit strong professional ethics and a service-oriented spirit.


In order to meet the evolving needs and trends of the Information Management domain, we regard “Business Intelligence”, “Big Data”, “AIoT” and “Interactive Multimedia applications” as core competencies. Our goal is to train students as specialized professionals in the domains of “e-enterprise” and “digital content applications”. In contrast, the Elite Program of Information Application focuses on “mobile application design” and “multimedia interaction application” as core competencies, offering a structured 7-year educational program that includes both a 5-year junior college program and a 2-year technical school program. This comprehensive curriculum empowers students to enhance their professional skills and foster innovation. Our students are encouraged to interact with industries, thereby fulfilling the personnel requirements of the industry and facilitating their career development.

Curriculum characteristics

  • Educational Features

In order to meet the need of occupations in the Information Management market, we offer core courses in Business Management, Information System, Cloud Computing, and Multimedia System to our students. Our objective is to equip students with the necessary qualifications for various positions in information technology and business management. Furthermore, we actively encourage our students to pursue higher degree in Information Management, enabling them to further advance their knowledge and expertise in the field.

  • Curriculum Features
    • Practical team projects
    • Certification and license coaching courses
    • Business internships
    • Collaborative teaching with industry experts
    • Special course programs





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